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A go-to resource for digital marketing beginners to speed up their career growth.

Are you just starting in digital marketing and don’t know where to begin?


Or maybe you are thinking of making a career change and get into digital marketing in the right way?


Then you must be looking for proven resources and tips to accelerate your knowledge in digital marketing.


Awesome. You’re in the right place.


And here’s why:


  • Here at MarketersUplift, we share everything we learn.
  • Completely free, with no strings attached.

The digital marketing area can be overwhelming and tough for newcomers. 


Today, there are plenty of digital marketing disciplines, but we decided to cover the essential ones that can be used in any marketing strategy.


They include:


  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Growth Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing

In the beginning, It is not an easy job to decide what you want to become and which disciplines will suite you the most.


That’s why we are here!


While we provide plenty of helpful content for newcomers in digital marketing, we also provide in-depth resources for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to take their digital marketing to the next level.


We give you advice on how you need to start, build and grow your digital marketing career. So, you can earn a living while working what you love in digital marketing.


You’ll find tutorials, tactics, and strategies you can put into action right away and give you an uplift to become a better digital marketer today.

Who are we?

We are a team that can help you with the learning process of getting and advancing into digital marketing.


We believe in informal education to be the key and the right basis to learn digital marketing.


Each of us has worked in various but complementary fields like social media marketing, account management, digital strategy, SEO and digital advertising.


Both of us have successfully made a complete change in our careers and got into this area entirely by ourselves.


We are self-taught marketers that walked a long way of learning and working with different clients in various niches.


That’s why we want to shorten the time of learning for all future digital marketers and provide them a proper way and specific resources to get where they want to.

Bram Jansen

Bram is a proven expert in the field of SEO, blogging and digital strategy.

He is working as a consultant for some of the best companies in Netherlands and around the world.

As a self-taught digital marketer, he wants to share his path of progress and what tips and tools he used to succeed.

Hanna Antol

Hanna is a writer, traveler and social media addict.

She has worked with brands and did extensive content marketing and social media marketing for them.

She loves design, creative thinking and psychology.

The values Marketers Uplift is founded upon

  • You don’t have to have a marketing degree or be super smart to become a successful digital marketer. But if we adopt a learning mindset and putting in plenty of time, passion and effort – you can accomplish anything


  • Filtering the resources of information and consuming the right content will speed up the time to advance in your career and enjoy fulfillment


  • Creating habits, working smarter, and building an attitude is a complete win for career progress


  • Digital marketing is a modern-day job that many people want to embrace because of the perks of working online and remote

Passionate team

Experts in specific areas and niches

Eager to share knowledge

Here is what you will find on Marketers Uplift

Our mission is to publish nicely crafted and specific guides, tutorials and how-to blog posts that will direct you on the right path of becoming a successful digital marketer.


With us, you will learn about tactics, strategies and tools that you need to excel in the digital marketing discipline you are focusing on.


Here is what is included:


  • How to build a winning attitude toward digital marketing
  • How to get into digital marketing (in the right way)
  • Practical tips to learn the basics and advance in the field of digital marketing, SEO, content marketing and social media marketing
  • Best tools that you can use to easy up and automate your workflow and campaigns
  • Additional and handy picked digital marketing resources on where you can gather relevant information
  • How to stay updated in the field of SEO, new digital marketing trends and tools
  • Downloadable resources that can help you to better plan and execute digital marketing strategies

Your free digital marketing education

Today, there’s always a bigger picture. You need to understand all the facets of effective digital marketing, but we cover the spectrum each week.

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